Nike Baseball Tip: Have a Plan at the Plate

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Nike Baseball Tip: Have a Plan at the Plate

Hitting can be one of the hardest things to do in a sport. You don’t know what pitch is coming at you and how fast it’ll be. That is why batters must approach the plate with a plan in mind.

Plans can obviously vary based on situations and any plays the coach might call but, one thing a batter must always do is look for a pitch. During an at bat, looking for a certain pitch to hit is much better than trying to hit a fastball, change-up and curveball at the same time. This will allow you to focus on a certain pitch and adjust your swing accordingly. “Commit to that pitch, hunt it, and remain confident in your plan” says Camp Director.

Confidence in your plan at the plate will be crucial to execution. Have fun with the at bat and plan to hit the ball. Develop and learn new approaches to hitting at Professional Sports Baseball Camps.